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The Carpet Cleaning Crew is a locally owned family business that has been delivering expert cleaning since 2011. We provide professional services for all types of carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery without breaking the bank. As prior customers of many traditional carpet cleaning companies, we experienced the frustrations that often come with long dry times, bad smells, returning spots, and surface-level cleaning that didn’t last. We created CCC to eliminate those frustrations for businesses and homeowners who value a clean and healthy space to work, breathe, and live. We discovered a certified green, moist to dry cleaning system that removes all the issues of wet and harsh chemical cleaning, and performs better than we could have ever imagined. Ever since then, we have been committed to cleaning with an unmatched combination of process and product leaving thousands of businesses and homes safe, clean, and ready for use the instant we’re done. Our mission is to deliver excellent quality, value, and service to create healthier environments for our customers.


Wet Process vs. Our Dry Process

Old Wet Process

Most carpet Cleaning Processes are not really removing much soil, dander, and mold spores the way you might think.  You are actually left with: 

    • Soaked Carpets
    • Long wait times
    • A wet environment for mold
    • Spots that return later through wicking process
    • A soapy residue that attracts dirt
    • Harsh chemicals can cause health issues
    • Gunk that stays in the backing of the Carpet
    • Furniture that cannot be moved back right away 

Our Dry Process

Our finished "dry" system makes all the difference and is a healthy alternative to “wet cleaning”. This Revolutionary process garantees:  

  • No soaked carpets

  • Dry when we finished

  • Safe for all carpets, even Orientals and Sisal

  • Spots will not come back

  • Removal of dust mites, mold, and other allergies trapped in the carpet

  • 100% plant based and Certified Green, safe for children and pets

  • Carpet stays cleaner longer (removes residue buildup)

  • Lifts matted carpet

Dirty Little Secret:
A little discussed issue in the carpet and tile cleaning industry is about left behind ‘residues.’ Left behind, Residue from most all cleaners causes carpet and tile to recollect soil quickly. Residue is sticky. Fortunately, our carpet cleaning process minimizes any leftover residue by utilizing a process that finishes dry!


We have the confidence to provide a satisfaction guarantee because we pair excellent results with safe products. We want to improve the environment inside and outside your home. That’s why The Crew’s sponge cleaning process is EPA registered and USDA certified green. Additionally, we use the only carpet cleaning process to receive the USDA’s biopreferred certification. This environmentally preferred system is backed by more research and independent certifications than any other carpet cleaning system. We believe that offering the most eco-friendly process is the only option when promising unmatched quality service.


Problems We Solve

Pet issues, food spills and accidents are a challenge and can be embarrassing. “THE CREW” has tested dozens of enzymes in order to eliminate stains and lingering pet mishap odors. WE have settled on a product that will stop the smell immediately on contact. Between our deep carpet cleaning process finished dry combined with an excellent pet stain / odor remover applied correctly, embarrassing issues disappear.

Pet Issues?


Food Spills?

Allergens, Dust, & Mold?

Product Used

HOST® Dry Cleaner deep cleans by dissolving  and absorbing the dirt. HOST extractorSPONGES® are a soft, natural product, moistened with a small amount of water and safe, “green” cleaning ingredients. This formula deep cleans carpet, track-off mats, grouted tile, LVT and any other textured hard floors very effectively. The chemical formula is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable.
green product certifications

Equipment Used

The HOST®  Dry Extraction Cleaning System provides a wide array of equipment and products to suit your cleaning needs. All of our machines utilize the power of counter-rotating brushes that clean textured hard floors and carpet. Both the equipment and products are designed to work together to provide deep cleaning and superior results on all flooring surfaces. Cleaning carpets, textured hard floors in restrooms, kitchens and other tight areas are also a breeze. 



  • Sandra, General Manager

    Sandra, General Manager

    Our hotel holds a very high standard and I am very particular about having our facilities cleaned right. That is why we use The Carpet Cleaning Crew. They do what I ask plus some, and they do it right. The “Crew” always does an incredible deep cleaning on all of our carpet and tile. Our hotel cleaning staff always comment on how fresh and clean the rooms are after their work. I would highly recommend The Carpet Cleaning Crew, they’re always professional and polite.
  • Karen, Adm. Assistant

    Karen, Adm. Assistant

    The office carpets were still really bad after having them professional cleaned by reputable wet carpet cleaner. Because of left-over stains and dingy spots, we had submitted formal requests to have the carpet replaced. The Carpet Cleaning Crew was hired based on a “no pay” satisfaction guarantee. Long story, short, they made our carpet look like new and we could walk on them the moment they finished. The Carpet Cleaning Crew actually saved the University 10’s of thousands of dollars. All of us are now believers in their moist to dry “green” process. You might be able to find cheaper, but you won’t find better.
  • Joseph, Administrative Pastor

    Joseph, Administrative Pastor

    I was skeptical about this “new process”. We had stains and watermarks for years throughout the church that other pros had not been able to remove. To my utter amazement, not only the stains but the watermarks are gone as well. I highly recommend The Carpet Cleaning Crew every chance I get.
  • Tracey, Regional Manager

    Tracey, Regional Manager

    Furniture stores get a tremendous amount of foot traffic that creates dirty looking lanes. We had used to use “steam” type cleaners in the past but all of our store managers were unhappy with the results. After it dried (days later) the carpet’s appearance looked about the same and seemed to get soiled quicker. WE ALL were amazed that The Carpet Cleaning Crew could clean during store hours, it finished dry and smelled great. Customers even comment on how cool the process is to watch. The Carpet Cleaning Crew constantly prove their value to us every time they clean one of our stores. Without any reservation, I highly recommend the Crew.


  • Residential Property Management

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Hospitality

  • Senior Living

  • Business Offices

  • Medical 

  • Restaurant

  • Real Estate and Rental Owners

  • Apartment Complexes


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